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painter | 1976, TÃrgu Mures, RO

He graduated in graphic art from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in 2000.
His masters were Alajos Eszik, Imre Kocsis and Ferenc Kis-Tóth. He participated and worked as an assistant lecturer in the Regional Talent Scout Programme until 2004.
He taught visual education at the Arts Management Department of IBS Budapest from 2008 to 2012.

Levente Herman, who is one of the founding members of the Artists-Site of Élesd had numerous successes to be proud of recently. His works became part of significant collections such as the Hungarian National Gallery, 21c Museum, Louisville (Kentucky USA); and in 2012, in the Zsolnay District’s m21 Gallery his works were exhibited in a 1000 m2 open venue, followed by Edward Cutler Gallery in Milan (I) and in the Zorzini Gallery in Bucharest (RO). His works can be found in significant art collections around Europe and America, as well as in private collections in London, Brussels, Miami and New York. His paintings are dominated by a sombre and playful atmosphere hidden in the small details. The main motives of his works trace out a kind of personal iconography. His works do not aspire to a realistic representation of reality but offer another world impregnated with memories kept of reality.

2001-2004 University of Fine Arts of Hungary, assistant lecturer
1995-2000 University of Fine Arts of Hungary, Budapest, Faculty of graphic,
masters: Alajos Eszik, Imre Kocsis, Ferenc Kiss-Tóth
1990-1994 Highschool for Arts and Music, Marosvásárhely (Romania)





Solo exhibitions:

2013‘Forgotten Worlds’ (with Szász Sándor) – Zorzini Gallery, Bucharest / RO
2012‘Brand New Second Hand’, Edward Cutler Gallery, Milano / I
‘Auto-Portraits’, Várfok Gallery, Budapest / H
‘Second Hand’, Pál Gallery, Miercurea Ciuc / RO
‘Second Hand’, Korunk Studio Gallery, Cluj-Napoca / RO
‘Zones’, m21 Gallery, Pécs / H
2011‘Input’, MAMÜ Gallery, Budapest / H
2010 ‘Transylmania’, Várfok Gallery – Várfok Hall, Budapest / H
‘Sketches for a Private Army’, Hungarian Institute, Tallinn / EST
2009 ‘Zones’, Várfok Gallery – XO Hall, Budapest / H
Hong Zi Lan Gallery, Beijing / PRC
2008 ‘Adam and Eve’, Várfok Gallery – Várfok Hall, Budapest / H
2007 ‘Sketches for a Private Army’, Klub Gallery, Budapest / H
2006 ‘Transit’, Hilton Hotel, Budapest / H ‘First Supper’, Sparks Gallery, Budapest / H
2005 ‘Liquid Earth’, Almássy tér Szabadidőközpont, Budapest / H
2004 ‘Copycats’, MAMÜ Gallery, Budapest / H
‘Siesta’, Culture House of Dicsőszentmárton, Kis-Küküllő, Transylvania / RO
2003 Hajófenék, Budapest / H
2002 Bercsényi Gallery, Budapest / H

Group exhibitions:

2014 ‘Perceptual Hypoteses’, MAMÜ Gallery, Budapest / H
2013 Art Market Budapest 2013 with Várfok Gallery, Budapest / H
‘The Essences of Reality’, Brukenthal National Museum, Sibiu / RO
‘Time-dependence’, MAMŰ travelling exhibition – Târgu Mureş, Sfântu Gheorghe,
Veszprém / RO, H
‘Framing Chronology Duo Show’, Zorzini Gallery, Bucharest / RO
Bologna Art Fair (IT), Art Paris Art Fair (FR) with Edward Cutler Gallery
‘Zone, The past five years of the Artist-site of Élesd’, MODEM, Debrecen / H
2012 ‘The Essences of Reality’, Várfok Gallery, Budapest / H
Art Market Budapest with Várfok Gallery, Budapest / H
2011 ‘Lucid Dream – Hommage á Rozsda Endre’, Várfok Gallery, Budapest / H
‘Élesd Art Workshop’, Siló Gallery, Miercurea Ciuc / RO
2010 ‘My Night, My Day’, Koller Gallery, Budapest / H
Budapest Art Fair 2010 (Várfok Gallery), Budapest / H
‘VSketches – Selected Works from Contemporary Hungarian Art’,
Evald Okas Museum, Haapsalu / EST
C.A.R. – contemporary art ruhr art fair with Várfok Gallery, Essen  / D
‘Élesd Art Workshop’, REÖK Palota, Szeged / H
‘Crop Rotation 1 / Nature’, Várfok Gallery – Várfok Hall, Budapest  / H
’13th Élesd Art Workshop’, MAMÜ Gallery, Budapest / H
‘Élesd Art Wokshop & Bodoni Collection’, Dr. Bernády György Community Centre,
Târgu Mureş / RO
‘Paradogma’, Várfok Gallery – XO Hall, Budapest / H
‘Crescendo’, Várfok Gallery – XO Hall, Budapest  / H
‘Impulso’, Várfok Gallery Várfok Hall, Budapest  / H
2009 ArtVilnius’09 (Várfok Gallery), Vilnius / LT
Budapest Art Fair 2009 (Várfok Gallery), Budapest / H
‘Nude, Girls’, Várfok Gallery – Várfok Hall, Budapest / H
‘Tarka BARKA’, Várnegyed Gallery, Budapest / H
2008‘Day of Hungarian Painting’, Reök Palota, Szeged / H
‘Small Moments, Big Dreams’, Galeria Plan B, Cluj / RO
‘XII. Art Site of Élesd’, B55 Gallery, Budapest / H
‘The Day After Yesterday…’, Várfok Gallery – XO Hall, Budapest / H
‘Icecubes’, Várfok Gallery – XO Hall, Budapest /  H
‘Artists of Várfok Gallery: Levente Herman, Ray Monde and it’s french guest:
Mathias Schauwecker’, Hungarian Institute, Paris / F
‘Grotesques’ – G19, Várfok Gallery, Budapest / H
‘Mise en abyme’, Várfok Gallery – XO Hall, Budapest / H
Budapest ArtFair 2008, with the Várfok Gallery / H
2007 Cologne Fine Art 2007 with the Várfok Gallery, Cologne / D
Budapest ArtFair with the Várfok Gallery, Budapest / H
‘Top Galleries: Várfok Gallery’, Hungarian Institute of Brussels, Brussels / B
Fat Badger, London / GB
‘Real-Irreal,’ Várfok Gallery, Budapest / H
2006 ‘Art Site of Élesd’, Strassbourg / F
Thanassis Frissiras Gallery, Athen / GR
‘Flowers in the plug’, Lumen Gallery, Budapest / H
2004 ‘Caravaggio Artist Community’ Komarno / SK
2003 ‘Art Site of Élesd’ Tibor Ernő Gallery, Nagyvárad / RO
2002 Mamü Gallery, Budapest / H
Ernő Tibor Gallery, Oradea / RO
2001 ‘Inside out Sculpture’, Art Hall – Műcsarnok, Budapest / H
‘Black and White’, Art Hall – Műcsarnok, Budapest / H
2000 ‘Travelling Exhibition’, Esztergom – Vác – Kapolcs, Valley of Arts, Balaton / H
Armenian Cultural Center, Budapest / H
‘Agora Workshop’ at Sziget Festival, Budapest / H
1999 Mamü Gallery, Budapest / H
1998 ‘ÉlesdArt Workshop’, Romanian Cultural Institute, Budapest / H
1997‘Alea Iacta est’, Bercsényi Gallery,  Budapest / H

Works in State Collections:

Thanasis Frissiras Museum, Athens, Greece

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