Energy surrounds us. We are all formed of energy particles. The life of the particles is in vibration. In the resonance of the fragment with the whole, of the element with the structure, of the thought with the action. I bend myself respectfuly in front of the energetic unfolding of life in all her vibrant aspects. A flower, even a stone or a trace of sand has its own vibration. It is the rhythm of life at its macro level down to the microcosmic one. The fundamental level of the atom that starts the very first blossom of a rose, the petal that will turn into a leave.

Radu Florea, selfmade painter

Personal Exhibitions
March 2013, Vibrations, Radio Romania Tg.Mures Gallery
December 2012, Vibrations, Unirea Galllery of AAP Mures
June 2010, Back to the Light, Caffe Artemis Gallery, Tg.Mures
June 2009, Stages. 20,House of Arts Gallery, Cluj-Napoca
April 2009, Stages. 20, Cultural Pole, Cluj-Napoca
February 2009, Stages. 20, Unirea Gallery of AAP Mureş
Since 2001, personal exhibitions in Tg.Mureş, Sighişoara and Cluj-Napoca as well as in Radio România Bucharest.

Collective exhibitions
1993 Brussels, Belgium
2007 Leptokaria, Greece
2007 Vecs, Hungary
2010 Feyzin de Lyon, France
2011 Marziart Internationale Galerie – Hamburg, Germany
2012 Cultural Centre Godor - Budapest, Hungary

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